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Our Living Statement...

Strathearn United Church is a loving Christian community living by faith and action, communicating through worship, education, fellowship and outreach, greeting the future with hope.




Our family is a vibrant one, finding fellowship in a variety of activities.  Even in a virtual world, the Strathearn community finds ways to connect. In addition to annual and seasonal events, our Book Club and Christian Conversations are still going strong, and we stay connected to the larger church through community initiatives and outreach.

Official Board updates:

Your Givings: Although we are not passing the collection plate, we still need your support to continue the monthly operations of Strathearn United Church.
Please use your numbered giving envelopes or blank ones found in the pews, and deposit givings in the collection plate provided in the Narthex. If you would like numbered envelopes or to sign up for PAR (automated monthly debit), please call the office.

Safety Protocols: Pew cushions are back, and no sitting signs are removed. 

Masks may be worn at the discretion of each individual, but please stay home if you are sick.

Connect & Share: Starting September 11, Committees will prepare coffee and beverages downstairs following worship.

Official Board Meetings: The Board Meetings are moving to the 3rd Thursday of each month on Zoom, starting September 15, 2022

We're on YouTube!


Oct 1: Men’s Breakfast - 9:00AM Albert’s Restaurant, Capilano Mall
Oct 2: World Communion Sunday
Forever Greene Bissell Lunch (Mission & Outreach)
Oct 9: Thanksgiving Sunday
Oct 10: Office Closed
Oct 16: World Food Sunday
Oct 20: Official Board Meeting, Zoom, 7:00 pm
Oct 23: 20th Sunday after Pentecost
Oct 30: Reformation Sunday – Communion
Oct 31: Happy Halloween!

we stand with ukraine

New Hymn Addresses the Invasion of Ukraine
Walter Farquharson and Richard Hall have written a hymn, addressing the Ukraine invasion: "I Will Sing To Our God". Walter has written new lyrics for the music, composed in 1985 by Richard. The biblical inspiration is Exodus 15, The Song of Moses & Miriam. The current inspiration is Russia's invasion of Ukraine. As the situation in Ukraine is timely, they are sending the hymn with the invitation to use and copy freely if it is useful. They are not seeking royalties. Please feel free to forward it to anyone who might have use for it.
Statement for Peace in Ukraine and Donations Link
The invasion of Ukraine is costing precious lives and creating a humanitarian crisis as people flee to safety. The United Church of Canada has joined with partners who witness and work for peace and justice in the world, by issuing a statement condemning the invasion of Ukraine. You can see the statement and other information here, and find a link here to make a donation to support United Church Mission & Service partners responding to rapidly emerging needs. We add our prayers of concern and support for the people of Ukraine, and for their families and friends here and throughout the world.

Key protocols for Strathearn in-person worship services:

•    Physical distancing of 6 feet recommended
•    Attendees are to only use designated washroom
•    Entry to church is at front and elevator doors only

LATEST Sermons

Lectures with Rev. Sandy

July 13, 2022: Languages of the Bible

Sandy addresses the key languages, spoken and written, as associated with both the first and second Testaments.  He considers the history of these languages and their impact on Biblical interpretation.

You're invited to listen to the recording of this lecture by visiting the Strathearn United Church YouTube page

Link: https://youtu.be/0b3oXcZxY8I

Bonus content: Strathearn United Church is pleased to share the United Church of Canada’s Song of Faith.


June 1, 2022: The Protestant Reformation and its Legacy

Sandy addressed key factors that prompted and supported the Reformation and introduced us to some of the religious leaders at this critical time in the history of the church, including Martin Luther.  He then went on to speak of a number of the results of the Protestant Reformation, including its impact on legal, educational and cultural values, many of which are with us today.

The lecture may be accessed by clicking on the following link:



May 4th, 2022 - “The 1st Era of Definitions”, addressing the period from the end of the Jewish Revolt to the rule of Emperor Constantine and the establishment of Christianity as an institution. Rev. Sandy explains the meaning of “Era of Definition”, then provides context, history and Biblical references regarding the 1st Era. Learn about what happened in those earliest days, when Christianity moved from evangelizing to scattered communities, to an Imperial Christian faith.


View the recording here: https://youtu.be/SN-xEWj7GaE

Lecture notes are also available and may be obtained by contacting the church office

April 6th, 2022 - Holy Week: A Hero’s Narrative, as described in the Gospels”, looks at the events from Palm Sunday, through the Last Supper and Jesus’ arrest. In his lecture, Rev. Sandy explores gaps between the evidence-based history and the Gospel narratives. He also offers insights as to why the Gospels differ in their narrative of the Passion.

View the recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBuV6eJ28F0

Lecture notes are available here: 

BE inspired

mission and outreach projects

“Forever Greene Mission & Outreach Legacy” 


Mission & Outreach will continue to remember Dan Greene’s Christian spirit, past support and commitment with a yearly community-based campaign of hope, joy and giving.